The Fund’s strategy is to select, acquire and actively manage a portfolio of high-quality office buildings (A/A+) in Brazil’s largest cities, mainly in São Paulo. Assets may be acquired partially or totally leased.
After becoming part of the Fund’s portfolio, the management of the property will be actively implemented by Pátria’s asset management team, which will be responsible for leasing the assets, proactively seeking first-class tenants in the market. The operational and technical management of the assets will be planned and supervised by Pátria’s engineering team, and may be implemented by outsourced specialized companies.
Through active management of rental spaces and asset management, Pátria will work to achieve income growth and real estate appreciation through increased occupancy of future assets that will make up the Fund, as well as higher rental values.

Competitive Advantages


Pátria has developed a unique and disciplined investment process, using its knowledge of more than 30 years of experience investing in Brazil and 16 years of real estate investments (which is essential for the achievement of a successful and balanced investment portfolio) in its previous real estate funds.



Structured and proactive approach to asset prospecting
Feasibility study and analysis of possible divestment strategies
Team allocated for full due diligence;
Evaluation and approval of the proposal by the Investment Committee.
Leasing and marketing efforts;
Supervision of real estate management;
Construction management.
Continuous monitoring of market conditions and asset sales opportunities.

Portfolio Growth

Pátria believes that its history, reputation and market knowledge should provide the Fund with a competitive advantage in the origination and execution of its investments. A structured and proactive approach based on analysis of target sectors, with an extensive pipeline, coupled with a continuous relationship with companies and the discussion of real estate solutions based on the understanding of their strategies, can translate into a real competitive advantage.


Financial Analysis

It consists of evaluating potential investment opportunities through extensive feasibility studies and analysis of possible divestment strategies for each asset. Pátria does not approve an investment unless it believes it has viable and realistic divestment opportunities.


Diligence and Investment Valuation

Pátria has extensive experience in risk management throughout the investment due diligence phase, due to its experience in the real estate sector. The manager allocates the entire investment team to analyze each asset.

The investment proposal is subject to prior approval by the real estate management team and, after risk and profitability evaluation is carried out, the proposal is submitted to Pátria’s Investment Committee, which will then decide whether or not the Fund will go on with the transaction.


Active Management

Pátria actively manages the Fund’s portfolio, where members of the real estate team engage in issues such as:

  • Leasing and marketing efforts, including the development of leasing strategies, evaluation of potential tenants, pricing of potential improvement costs and negotiation of lease terms;
  • Supervision of real estate management, including analysis of ongoing operations, in order to identify potential cost savings and initiatives to increase occupancy or rental prices;
  • Construction management, including evaluation of suppliers and their proposals, as well as the monitoring of costs, work progress and schedules;
  • Other strategic issues, including any issues that may affect the property.

Active management is only possible due to the discipline and size of Pátria’s team, which relies on 23 professionals in the real estate business.

Pátria continuously monitors market conditions and their variations, always evaluating divestment opportunities for different potential buyers. Pátria believes that strategic divestments will be an attractive option for the Fund. Our extensive relationships in the financial community and experience in the local and international real estate markets provide interesting divestment opportunities.

Pátria’s real estate business has sold 14 properties throughout its history, most of them for real estate funds (FIIs).